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Our products are approved and certified by National and International Entities from the origin of the product, fumigated and anti-plague treatment, quality analysis, packaging and exact weight. We certify the sowing and harvesting process to obtain the NO-GMO certificate and organic product.






The present microbiological and compositional analysis, represents the result of laboratory analysis, required by the International Trade Regulations. It is expressed as the Technical Specification Sheet of the Product.

Origin: South Africa
Moisture: (%) 3.9 
Milk Fat: (%) 26
Ash: (%) 7.0 
Protein: (dry basis %) 100
Lactose: (%) 55.2 
UDWPN: (mg/g) 2.4
Insolubility Index: (mL) 1.0 
Acidity: (%) 0.10 
Bulk Density: (g/mL) 0.685 
Scorched Particles: Standard A
pH:  (50 g/l water at 20 Degrees C) 6.59
Micro Results:
Antibiotics: Negative
Phosphatase: (ug/ml) < 6 
Salmonella: (per 375 g) Not Detected 
Coliforms: (per 0.1g @ 30 Degrees C) Absent 
Standard Plate: Count < 5,000 
Moulds: (per g) < 10 
Yeast: (per g) < 10 
Thermophilic Bacteria:  (per g) 150 
Thermophilic Spores: (per g) < 10 
Mesophilic Spores: (per g) 60 
Thermoduric Bacteria: (per g) 250 
Solubility Index:  1.0  max 
Titratable Acidity:  0.15 max 
Color:  Cream/White