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Our products are approved and certified by National and International Entities from the origin of the product, fumigated and anti-plague treatment, quality analysis, packaging and exact weight. We certify the sowing and harvesting process to obtain the NON-GMO certificate and organic product.






The present microbiological and compositional analysis, represents the result of laboratory analysis, required by the International Trade Regulations. It is expressed as the Technical Specification Sheet of the Product.

Origin: Ukraine
Crop:  First 2021 
Gravity: 71 Kl 
Protein: 13% min 
Percentage of oil: 24.50% 
Gluten: 28% 
Fat Acidity: 19 -24 / 100 grms 
Moisture: 12% Max 
Foreign Matter: 2.0% Max 
Variety of Size: 2.0% Max 
Grains of different color: 2.0% Max 
Deterioration by heat: 0.5% Max 
Kermel Deteriorated grain: 3.0% Max
Radiation: None 
Quality:  Organic / NON GMO