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Ethiopian origin coffees are listed among the best in the world, the genetic variety (Ethiopian heirloom) is the reason. The area where coffee was discovered is Ethiopia, called the Birthplace of Coffee, in the forests of the Kaffa region, where Arabica coffee trees grow wild.





The present microbiological and compositional analysis, represents the result of laboratory analysis, required by the International Trade Regulations. It is expressed as the Technical Specification Sheet of the Product.

Acidity: Midle – Acid Sweetness 
Altitude: 1,400 to 2,200 meters 
Aroma:  Floral & citrus notes 
Best Brew:  Percolated, Cold 
Best Roast:  Medium/Light Roast 
Body:  Medium Intense 
Cup Notes:  Mildly fruited flavors, hints of lime,
citric acidity with chocolaty notes.  
Flavor Family:  Fragrant, soft, almost flowery 
Flavor Nuance:  Suggestions of citrus. However, it 
is less fragrant than other  grains
from other regions.
Sweetness:  High, Flower 
Grade / Attributes:  Grade Cup score 84 / 
Organic Heirloom
Origin / Kind:  Ethiopia / Washed and Sun dry * 100% Arabica 
Plant Varietal:  Ethiopian Heirloom 
Type:  Limu Grade 2
Quality:  Organic NON-GMO 
Processing:  Washed and Sundried


ETHIOPIA LIMU: coffee beans undergo wet processing, they are soft, and the taste is almost flowery, with

suggestions of citrus.  However, it is less fragrant than other beans from other regions.  Floral, citrus notes

in aroma. Mildly fruited flavors, hints of lime, medium citric acidity with chocolaty notes.