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Ethiopian origin coffees are listed among the best in the world, the genetic variety (Ethiopian heirloom) is the reason. The area where coffee was discovered is Ethiopia, called the Birthplace of Coffee, in the forests of the Kaffa region, where Arabica coffee trees grow wild.





The present microbiological and compositional analysis, represents the result of laboratory analysis, required by the International Trade Regulations. It is expressed as the Technical Specification Sheet of the Product.

Acidity: High
Altitude: 1,900-2,200 Meters 
Aroma:  Berries, Watermelon,  
  Maple Syrup
Best Brew:  Pour Over * Iced 
Best Roast:  Medium Roast 
Body:  Medium 
Cup Notes:  Clean bright citrus acidity,  
Cacao nibs, 
Almond butter, 
Sweet maple candy.
Flavor Family:  Citrus * Floral * Berry 
Flavor Nuance:  Berry, Stone Fruit, Floral 
Sweetness:  High 
Grade / Attributes:  Grade Cup score 85 / 
Organic Heirloom
Origin / Kind:  Africa, Ethiopia * 100% Arabica 
Plant Varietal:  Ethiopian Heirloom 
Type:  Guji Grade 2 
Quality:  Organic NON-GMO 
Processing:  Washed


ETHIOPIA GUJI: Ethiopian coffee is the most popular of the African coffees and it is commonly recognized as the

birthplace of coffee. Even today most of the Ethiopian coffee plantations are largely comprised of heirloom varietals.

When correctly processed the cup qualities on these heirloom Ethiopian coffees are among the most exotic and 

extraordinary coffees in the world.